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Exactly one year ago, I knew I had something incredible that the world would want to hear. So, in February of 2015, I released my first edition of The Circle of Profit.

Over 100,000 students (and growing) read this book. But they didn't stop there. So many of these students, even complete beginners went on to create their own online information businesses.

But that was a year ago.

Since that time, I've learned so much more about how to quickly and effectively launch a successful online information business. Plus, we spent an entire year working with THOUSANDS of students who gave us incredibly insightful feedback on our first edition.

With the combination of my NEW strategies and my students, I knew I had to get a NEW and IMPROVED Second Edition of The Circle of Profit out into the world.

Simply put, The Circle of Profit enables you to turn information into a business. It all centers around Digital Publishing - one of the fastest and most effective way to create a business from scratch that can provide continuous revenue.

There are 3 important steps to launch a Digital Publishing business and engage the Circle of Profit: Finding Your Market, Gathering Information, and Monetizing Your Information.

Finding Your Market: Start with what moves you. What's your passion? Either find a market you LOVE or find one that has tremendous potential.

Gathering Information: Create a Written, Audio or Video digital product packed with quality content that people will line up to buy.

Monetizing Your Information: Now comes the fun part - Profits! Through proven traffic, marketing and conversion strategies, you can create a revenue-generating business.

Every day, millions of people go online looking for information. Digital Publishing is simply the process of facilitating that need and giving people the answers they seek.

What knowledge, special skill or passion do you have that the world would LOVE to know? Even PAY you to know? That's where your online business can begin!

I bet you already know the most important step in Digital Publishing - That's right, Monetization! The Circle of Profit, 2nd Edition is all about monetizing your information.

This book is broken down into 2 phases. Phase #1 teaches you all about how to creating revenue by endorsing other people's information products. What's that? It simply means you're building an email list and promoting other information products you believe are truly valuable.

This important phase is one of the fastest, easiest and most proven way to launch your own online information business.

Phase #2 is where you learn how to create your own digital product. By introducing your own product and your own brand to the world, you can easily scale your business really quickly!


Digital Publishing is largely responsible for the $100 million in products I've helped sell online. It's why I've been privileged to teach over 150,000 students worldwide.

But my contribution is just a tiny drop in the ocean-sized multi-billion dollar world of Digital Publishing. Just think about it: Digital Publishing is how most everyone today reads, learns and grows!

The best part: It's still in its infancy stage. People all over the world are moving to Digital Publishing as a new way of learning!

Just look at some of these numbers:

  • Profit Margins On Digital Publishing Are Many Times That of Physical Products
  • eBook Sales have skyrocketed from $1.52 Billion in 2010 to $6.74 Billion in 2015**
  • Every month there are more than 10.3 Billion Google Searches with 78% of U.S. Internet users researching products and services online***

It's crystal clear today. The awesome world of digital publishing can be your ticket to starting and growing your own online information business.

As I think about the 13+ years I invested in this book...

As I think about the 1,000+ students who contributed their secrets and successes...

I am very proud of what I'm offering you today. I am not just offering you the book but in addition I am giving you the following bonuses.

Here's the breakdown of what you'll find inside this book:

  • 25 Video breakouts - Learn even MORE than what's in the book...
  • 35 Diagrams - Visually understand each success step...
  • 7 Success Tools - Just one of these can help launch your information business. You get ALL 7!
  • 20 of My Personal Stories - Every story shares an example of What to Do or What NOT to...
  • 7 of My Student's Stories - Model your own information business after their examples...
  • 2 Comprehensive Case Studies in 5 Parts - Follow their lead step by step...
  • And SO Much More!

Here's a glimpse of the secrets, strategies and solutions you'll find in The Circle of Profit, 2nd Edition...

  • After making almost NOTHING for 18 MONTHS, Learn exactly what I did to turn it all around. (Page 28)
  • Discover how I went from BANKRUPTCY and near DEATH to now owning a successful information business online in just a few years time. (Page 37)
  • Learn how I ran my business from the I.C.U using some amazing tools and how YOU can run your business from ANYWHERE. (Page 46)
  • I hand you today's MOST profitable niche markets. (Page 65)
  • Learn the fastest way to build a top quality email list. (Page 76)
  • I share my proven TYP Method PLUS the 2 Quickest ways to start building your information business immediately. (Page 100)
  • How to position yourself as an AUTHORITY in the marketplace. (Page 116)
  • Discover how I made a profit from my wife's CLOSET - What!? (Page 125)
  • Learn the 3 Proven Parts to creating a profitable Information Product. (Page 127)
  • The secret to creating a digital product without YOU needing to be an expert - at ANYTHING! (Page 162)
  • Learn how to create a highly profitable sales funnel. (Page 169)
  • The secret that may MULTIPLY your sales and profits with one little TWEAK. (Page 189)
  • Discover how one of my students built a massively profitable business while living in one of India's POOREST cities. (Page 208)
  • Discover the story of my student who ESCAPED Iraq and is now running a successful information business from America.  (Page 217)

Some books are meant to inspire. Others are designed to inform. This one's different. It's built to create change. Real change in your professional, personal and financial life.

From the first page forward, you'll notice this book's different. Why do I include top secret information about my specific business, my proven formula, as well as tons of data and proof? Why do I show you the exact steps that many of my students used to launch their own successful online information business?

It's because I want you to take these secrets, strategies and case studies and apply them to your own life! This book isn't empty theory and philosophy - It's a step-by-step roadmap to building a profitable information business online about a topic you love!

I got my start in the personal development space. It wasn't easy, but after fighting and clawing my way through, I finally launched my first million-dollar product. How did I do it? What were my secrets? How did I break through roadblocks to succeed in this super competitive industry?

All of those answers are found in The Circle of Profit, 2nd Edition! I share it ALL with you because I want you to follow in my footsteps into launching your own successful online information business... and way beyond that.

Yes, for a limited time, you can truly order my new book for Free. No strings, no catch. 100% Free.

Truth be told, I'll probably lose tens of thousands of dollars by giving it away for Free. So WHY am I doing it?

Here's why: This isn't just my business. It's my passion. My goal is to become THE worldwide spokesperson for Digital Publishing. I want this message and these tools in the hands of everyone. Not just those who are considering Internet Marketing, but those who have never even thought about it.

I want you to find that financial freedom and sense of purpose you've always wanted. I want you to write your own success story. Then, years from now, I want you to remember this powerful book that ignited your firestorm of profit.

The other reason I'm giving The Circle of Profit, 2nd Edition away for free... because this model has already changed countless lives. Including my own. Your life can be next!


There is absolutely no catch here. You're not being put into any kind of hidden continuity program. There is no trick or marketing gimmick.

I simply want to open up a relationship with you. Consider this Free Book offer like our first handshake. Sure, in the future, if you need more tools to grow your online business, I would appreciate if you came back to my company!

Believe me, there's no hidden agenda here. I simply want to start a relationship with you by offering to you what built my own success. Nothing more.


Not only are you getting this amazing book for Free, but I am going to truly give you everything you need to get a running start! We have decided to make this offer even more valuable with 6 FREE Bonuses!

FREE Bonus #1

FREE Video Course

Now, you're not just getting the book but access to a FREE Video Course that follows the progress of the entire book. Throughout the book, you will see breaks like this one:

I have included over 25 videos that will walk you through all the steps - 1 at a time!

All of these videos are personally shot by me - using the latest, most cutting-edge techniques that you can start using immediately.

FREE Bonus #2

INSTANT Online Classroom Access

You don't have to sit around and wait to read the book!

Listen, it will take 7-12 days for the book to reach your house. I don't believe in wasting any time when it's a matter of making your dreams come true. This is exactly why I have built an entire Online Classroom with the book INSTANTLY Accessible!

Yes, that means you can start reading this book and taking action within the next 2 minutes! You get full access to this classroom for FREE.

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If you were to reserve your copy of this book for JUST this bonus, it would be more than worth your time! I will be running 3 LIVE Training sessions for FREE where I show you exactly how to start an online information business.

You get to virtually spend 10 days directly with me training you!

This Income Workshop will focus on just Phase #1 of the Circle of Profit system.

I will show you how to launch your own information business by simply promoting other people's products and earning 50-75% commissions!

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PROFIT Workshop - LIVE with Anik Singal

That's right. I am doing yet another VIRTUAL workshop for 12 days.

This time, I am going to teach you how to scale your information business. The secrets revealed in these webinars will be what you need to really take business to the next level!.

We will spend 3 LIVE workshop sessions going over a 7 step system to launching your own Online Information Product and getting traffic to it for FREE! The 7 part system that you are going to master is the following diagram:

Again, this entire virtual workshop - valued at $997 - yours for FREE!

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I will make sure you have 30 days of this service for FREE!

  • Building your website pages THIS IS HUGE!
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This list only covers about 10% of what Sendlane can do for you. Get ready for your 30 Day Free account!

There you go, 6 FREE BONUSES, but only if you reserve your copy of Circle of Profit now!

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I know that the tools, the case studies, the formula, the video course breakouts... everything within this book may help you to start an online information business. I know this because I have personally lived it and so have many of my students.

Because I know just how powerful and life changing this content can be, I'm offering My Certifiably Insane Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Now's your chance to take action! Go ahead and get the book. It will never be cheaper (FREE). Just help me cover the postage cost of $7.97. Not only can you have the book delivered ANYWHERE in the world, you'll have Instant access to read it the second you order!

Disclaimer: Results may not be typical nor expected for every person.

Remember, 100,000 students BOUGHT the first edition of The Circle of Profit. Now YOU can get the 2nd Edition for FREE!

Here's what many of them said about the first edition: